How Christopher Banke Built His Reputation

July 30, 2017
Over the course of a distinguished dog training career that has stretched to more than a quarter century so far, Christopher Banke has managed to coach and train a great many dogs, including many that have gone on to win competitions and championships. Of course, it’s not all about trophies and winning competitions, but since he started out training dogs while in his teens, he has accomplished a lot.

For example, Christopher Banke became the first American to compete in the RSV2000 World Championship with his dog, Iriac vd Maineiche in the IPO 3- handler-owner trained (HOT) category. In 2003, Christopher's dog "Dino von der Maineiche", received the 2nd highest Schutzhund/IPO 3 score in US history, reaching a trial score of 297. Christopher Banks also trains dogs for entertainment and other purposes. In 2008, the aforementioned Dino was featured prominently when he played the guard dog in the Oscar-nominated film, “Frozen River,” which was directed by Courtney Hunt. With so much experience in coaching and helper work for many competitive handlers, Christopher Banke started his own breeding kennel, which has produced numerous champions.